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Who is the app for?

Do you love to sing?

Enjoy karaoke battles?

Do you like American Idol and The Voice?

  • Improve and train your singing, compare your performance
  • Participate in global interactive version of „American Idol“ or „The Voice“
  • Compete against others
  • Get scores for your performance
  • Make money singing and betting on winners

Newest sound technologies

right now in your smartphone

Make your voice perfect

Even if you don’t have an ear for music, the application will automatically adjust your singing according to the part. The synthesized voice will still be recognizable and intelligible. Make professional audio recordings of your performances!

Practise your singing skills

Unique graphic interface will help you to see the difference between your own voice and the original singer’s voice. This will make singing to the right notes much easier. You will fully control your vocals!

Get an accurate evaluation of your

Analysis of the differences between master singing contours and your performance allow evaluating the quality of singing rather accurately. Practise and improve your vocal skills!

Become a celebrity

Find friends, share your recordings with the whole world, get reviews and ratings of your performances. Sing the songs, receive points and get to the top of the best singers!

How does it work?

Get to know the control.

Vocal transformation

Technology allowing to adjust your performance in real time according to the notes of the original song.

Àiqíng mǎimài


Mùróng xiǎo xiǎo

Túrán de zìwǒ


Wu Bai

Tiánmì mì



Ting Hai